TinyCart is a holistic platform to manage the whole and sole of your business, including online and in-store functionalities. We oversee all the key areas of your business, including e-commerce, POS, inventory management, and fulfillment.


The key capabilities of our platform are,

  • Purchase Order Management: Effortlessly build purchase orders. TinyCart maintains a full sales history and helps you to turn transactions into bills in a single click.

  • Inventory Management: Easily monitor your inventory, know which items are selling quickly, which items will soon expire. Invest in the correct inventory and make better returns.

  • Warehousing & Fulfillment: Product traceability, storage, and tracking are made trouble-free at TinyCart with accurate cataloging and management.

  • Shipping & Labelling: With our smart shipping techniques, company products can be packed, labeled, and sourced to the consumers without any complications.

  • Payments: Making payments is a piece of cake with TinyCart's integrations to payment platforms, accounting platforms, and helpdesk solutions.

  • Customer Management: Find, develop, and convert leads to close deals quickly and easily through our top-notch CRM service.

  • Retail Analytics: Our retail solutions maximize the end-customer experience and increase business performance through an integrated range of disruptive technologies.

  • Financial Integration: An interactive network of the backend accounting, inventory, and payment gateways allow hassle-free sales through TinyCart supported platforms.

  • Sell Digital Products: With Tinycart, you are able to sell digital products on your eCommerce store. Tinycart also provides a web service for password protecting PDF documents that are sold as digital assets.
  • Web Services: Tinycart provides an interface to communicate with external web services like Mail Chimp, Paypal, Paystack, Twilio etc.